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Dependable Paver Sealing in Riverview, FL

Weather and traffic can take a toll on driveways and sidewalks and quickly have them looking old and worn. Cracks are another concern, too, as they can spread and lead to further damage and even total destruction. The solution is paver sealing in Riverview, FL, offered by the experienced professionals at Pro Kleen Roof Cleaning.

Sealing prevents moisture from making its way into the material, which eliminates the risk of damage from internal erosion and breaking down of the paver stone itself. It also preserves the look of the pavers, so that you have an attractive sidewalk or driveway at your home or office. Pavers are a significant investment in your property, and it makes sense to use our affordable process to keep them looking beautiful for the long term.

Bringing Back the Look

If your pavers are beginning to show their age, let us renew them with our brick paver restoration service. We’ll remove any buildup on the pavers, such as grit and grime, to reveal the underlying fresh surface, and then we’ll apply a sealant for a fresh, new look.

Part of the restoration process is getting rid of any buildup on the paver stones. We do this with pressure cleaning, that lifts and removes the contaminants while leaving the material itself undamaged.

While we’re at your property, you can also request that we use our pressure and steam cleaning equipment to refresh various areas of your property such as:

  • Roofs
  • Siding
  • Patios/Awnings
  • Pool Cages/Decks